How to be Intentional with your Purpose

Come out of your slumber, it’s time for the sleeper to wake


You probably want to bring more purpose into your life and make the most of every moment! But the problem is, in most cases, one of the most challenging things about trying to live a life that brings you joy is fitting it in around the life you already have.


Unless a miracle happens, you won’t just wake up, decide you want to live differently, and then make all the required changes immediately. It’s much more probably you will start with an idea, a concept, and then decide which course you want your life to go.


Being intentional is a way of thinking about your life that’s deliberate and purposeful; it means bringing commitment, determination, focus, and attention to something that is important to you. If you are looking to live an intentional life, you need to be sincere and honest about what you want to achieve and then take steps to accomplish it.


By having clarity, you become intentional about where you want to devote your attention, energy, and, most importantly, time. This clarity guarantees your focus is centered on the areas of your business and life that are more important. 


How do I start living intentionally?


To start living with purpose, we must begin by laying an appropriate and solid foundation and then add practical actions on top of it.


  • First, pause: Sounds simple, but it’s important! Find a moment to pause, and relax. Take a quiet 10-minute slot in your routine. Go for a walk, read a book, listen to music – No matter what you do, just make sure you enjoy it. 
  • Lay the Foundation: Every day is a new day full of choices and possibilities; we must understand that life is the result of our decisions.
  • Know yourself: Study and understand yourself. It is important to know who you are. Discover your interests, talents, strengths, and weaknesses. Invest valuable time and energy into this.
  • Be clear on the result you want to achieve: If you don’t understand the importance of the result you want to achieve, you won’t have the purpose to take action.
  • Appreciate your most important relationships: No matter if they are work relationships, client relationships, or personal relationships, what we value grows if we appreciate it.
  • Keep a positive mindset: Our attitude has a strong impact on the way we make decisions, how we think about our life, and whether we take action.